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About Us


Welcome to Rich Attitudes Cannot Quit by Tiffany Wyatt. Tiffany is a 5'2" Black American entrepreneur born and raised in Boston, MA with many gifts including having a keen sense of fashion. Tiffany's grandmother nurtured her creative instincts by teaching her how to sew, crochet, and design clothes at an early age. Before you knew it, Tiffany was creating clothes, dolls, you name it, by age 10. Her creativity became dormant as she became older, studied biological psychology, completed college, and maintained a job in the real world in the human services field. After awhile, Tiffany decided to revisit her true passion, which is art and helping people. She studied herbs and their benefits since 2010. Tressin was born in October 2017 and we now sell all natural handmade unisex Hair Care and Skin Care products to stimulate hair growth and diminish scars and stretch marks. Tiffany just liked the name Tressin because it is clean, simple, and to the point; just like her hair and skin care products. Tressin guarantees desired results within 2 weeks without you Stressin about it. RACQ clothing was added in 2019 to bring fresh style with a hint of street edge to it. Tiffany puts in knowledge, skill, spirituality, and passion into all of her products. Explore what we have to offer and what suits you. We always appreciate the opportunity to service potential  and loyal customers. 


Tiffany Wyatt, #Bosslady.